Rental Guidelines

Premises: We ask that you keep the Premises clean, sanitary, in good order, and condition.

Lawn care: Keep up with lawn care, including: watering, mowing, edging, trimming shrubs, and weeding flowerbeds.

Repairs: Immediately reporting any items needing repair.

Smoking: No smoking on the Premises.

Window Coverings: We provide window covering on most windows. We ask that you use only tension-type rods on any windows or walls where wallpaper or wood trim exists. No aluminum foil or sun screening film is permitted.

Security Systems: If the property contains a security system, monitoring is optional. Tenant is responsible for set up, obtaining the proper permit, and payment of the service. Tenant is also responsible for false alarm penalties.

Antennas: No radio or television wires, antennas, or satellite dishes are allowed in or about the Premises without written permission of Copper Key Properties, Inc.

Tenant Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining hardwood flooring.
  • Changing the furnace/air conditioner filter.
  • Replacing burned out light bulbs.
  • Any breaking, damaging, or destruction of the property.
  • Exterminating
  • Using plunger on clogged toilets and drains before contacting us.
  • Paying for unnecessary worker service calls.
  • Properly operating all appliances and mechanical equipment.
  • Proper care for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.